Which Garage Door Is Best For Your House?


Did you know that a garage door takes up around 40% of your property’s exterior? That’s a lot! Not only that – the appearance of your garage door can elevate the kerb appeal of your property; as well as sending out a message to your neighbours, which rightly or wrongly, gives them an impression of the sort of person you are. For the above reasons alone, it makes sense to replace a tired and worn garage door with one that’s shiny and new.

If you’ve already started looking for a new garage door, then you’ll know that there are several types to choose from. The thing is, how do you know what’s right for your house? We’ve put together 5 of the most popular garage doors to help make your choice that much easier, so go on and take a look.

Roller Doors

If price is your main concern, then a roller door could be the choice for you. They’re economical and, having been around for some 50 years, the design obviously works. Made from corrugated steel, they operate as you’d expect by rolling up and away. Very little ceiling space is needed since the roller door steel drum is conveniently housed at the top of the garage opening, which also makes this type of garage door a good option if lack of space is another concern. Roller doors can also be automated easily, with the opener typically placed next to the steel drum. What’s more, because the door rolls up, and not out like a tilt door, you can drive your vehicle right up to it.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are made from a number of panels or sections and are often chosen because they’re aesthetically pleasing. Usually made from pressed steel, the panels fold up and away when the door is opened. They’re a good choice for wide spaces and in addition they don’t need much head room. One of the main advantages, however, is that in the event of damage, individual panels can be replaced saving you money and time. They also lift vertically, so you can drive right up to it, and automation is easy too.

Timber Doors

If you live in the countryside then a timber door is probably the obvious choice since it blends in for a look that is both natural and charming. Timber doors are usually made from cedar which is renown for its strength and durability and come in a range of colours from palest yellow to darkest oak. These stylish doors can also be made as tilt or sectional and an automatic opener can be included for convenience and functionality.

Designer doors

Designer doors are the crème de la crème of garage doors and are intended for those homeowners looking for maximum kerb appeal. Available in a wide range of attractive finishes they can be tailored to your unique needs. A designer door can fill you with pride since you know that you helped design it, and it can also add to the value of your home. These types of doors are as unique as you and your home are. If space is limited, then we’d suggest a sectional door as your best option.

Cyclonic doors

If you happen to live in an area that is prone to cyclones, then you might want to consider a cyclonic garage door which is designed to have maximum strength to protect your home in a cyclone situation. It doesn’t have to be all about functionality, since there are a range of visually striking styles and finishes available.

Deciding on your choice of new garage door is personal to you since it needs to match both your needs and budget. Make sure you ask plenty of questions from the supplier before reaching a decision and be sure to enquire about a warranty for total peace of mind.

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