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Sliding Gates

sliding gate

We’ve been manufacturing and installing top quality fully automated/electric domestic and commercial sliding gates for a great number of years, Our gates can be built to your exact specifications or you can choose from a catalogue of designs which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Most of our sliding gates can be made cantilever or tracked. We can also manufacture them to resemble a pair, which looks surprisingly good.

Why choose a sliding gate?

A sliding gate is a good choice if a driveway or entrance has an upward slope behind the gate which would prevent a swing gate from being installed. The reason for this is the simple fact that the bottom of a swing gate could scrape the ground as it’s in the process of moving into an open position.

Another reason to choose a sliding gate over a swing gate is when there’s very little space behind the gate. For example if an electric gate is being used to secure a small courtyard where vehicles or property is stored, and there isn’t enough space for a swing gate to open without hitting the contents inside the courtyard.

Types of sliding gates

  • Wooden sliding gates offer an attractive solution for restricted parking areas. Manufactured to a high standard by skilled craftsmen using traditional construction methods, you can choose from a range of traditional and contemporary designs in a variety of finishes including dark oak, light oak, ebony, African walnut, and Burma teak.
  • Automatic steel sliding gates are an ideal solution for residential and commercial restricted parking areas. They’re a great choice for construction, industrial, and agricultural requirements. Our range includes installations for small and large automatic sliding systems for rural estate properties and working farms.
  • Automatic aluminium sliding gates are an ideal choice if you’re looking to create a contemporary look to your entrance. In addition they provide a low cost alternative to timber gates as they can be powder coated to match your property, and embossed with a quality wood grain finish. With a wide range of designs and colours for your automatic sliding gates, there’s sure to be one that ticks all the boxes.

We also provide full service and maintenance plans for all our customers to keep their sliding gates in optimum working order

Our sliding gates provide security with an easy operating system. Why not call us today to find out more.