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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

There are all sorts of reasons for choosing a new garage door. It could be that yours is broken or that you want to improve the exterior of your property. Whatever the reason, our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the whole process from choosing the door that best fits your needs, to our experienced fitters and engineers carrying out the installation.

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From retractable to canopy to automatic, we have a wide range of top quality garage doors which are supplied by leading garage door manufacturers, including Centurion and B & D. We’ll help you choose the best door for your needs and budget and ensure you receive the very best installation which lasts you for many years to come. We can also tailor installations to suit your specific requirements and to complement the style and colour of your property.

Why not make life easier for yourself by adding automation to your garage door for additional convenience and security. Just contact us for more details and further information.

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We’ll arrange a site survey at a convenient time for you. One of our experienced installers will come and verify your garage measurements and check that the garage door entrance is level and square so it can be properly sealed to prevent moisture from getting in. Once this has been confirmed another date will be made for installation at which time our installers will remove the existing door or doors and install the new ones. He’ll also seal, install the door trim and other accessories, including the door opener, keyless entry system, and controls for the interior walls. The site will be kept safe and tidy during work and a thorough clean up conducted before our installers leave the premises.


All members of our team are experienced, skilled, vetted, and licensed so you can be confident that your garage door installation is in safe hands. Replacement garage doors don’t just give your property better kerb appeal but they also offer the greatest return on investment of any home improvement project. You’ll have peace of mind that your garage is more secure and safe than before, and, if you choose automatic doors, you’ll benefit from the convenience and security of opening your door from your car.

If you’re considering a garage door installation then don’t delay, give us a call today.